Why We Created Elder Advocates

Because our families need help and we want to guide them in the right direction with people WE trust and respect.

Since 2005, Machelle Thompson has consulted seniors and their families to develop effective plans that address the challenges of aging. She and her partner Virginia (Ginny) appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with physicians, therapists, hospice staff, and other professionals to create a harmonized care team.

  • We know the best in the business because we have seen these professionals in action, putting the needs of their client families first.

  • Saving our families time and money is another reason why we created a one stop shopping resource to build your team of professionals. 

Meet the team behind Elder Advocates


President & Senior Life Care Manager

Machelle was practically raised by grandparents. From learning how to golf, fish, sew, bake cookies and take care of the family, her core values were taught to her by the wisest of generations. Perseverance, patience, compassion and kindness are words that anyone who knows her would use.  She began caring for her mom at the age of 7 and by 16, she was serving meals at the local nursery home where it became clear to her that the difference between a sapling and an old tree is the rings of life.  Within these rings, you find the unconditional love, wisdom and most importantly, the best teachers of life.


The highlight of her day is when her clients give her a hug and tell her how much it meant that she visited and helped them. As she says,



“My parents are gone. You are my parents now.” ​ 


VP of Operations & Life Care Manager

Ginny’s caretaking gifts began to sprout when she was 13, 

cleaning houses to help support her single parent household. A few years later found herself the primary emotional support pillar of her home.  With a deep passion to work with foster children, the world had other plans and she began her career working with the elder population. Even though success was found on paper, Ginny found herself frustrated and forced to create a distance with her patients due to the limitations of standardized care. Days before giving up on this industry, she met Machelle and over the last decade they have worked together to bring a new level of care based on elevating the transition experience from both a physical and an emotional standpoint. Today, her patients are her best friends and her personal goal, which is modeled by the dying words of her grandmother, is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to say, 


“Don’t cry, I’m not sad, I’ve lived an amazing life,
 let’s celebrate!”

Watch Machelle & Virginia's Proof Talk 

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